Belhorn Empire

The Belhorn Empire was the first organized government after the Creation. The Belhorn Empire was composed of smaller states who all were led by a single dragonborn priest.


The Belhorn Empire received its beginning from the Founding Dragons. The first of these dragons was Belhorn. When Belhorn’s followers requested that he bless a lizardfolk child, the result was unforseen. The child grew faster than the other lizardfolk, he took the name Belhorn after his lord. His scales took on a mysterious silver color, the same as Belhorn. The lizardman Belhorn became known as a dragonborn. When other dragons heard of this phenomenon, they started to bless their own dragonborn.

Political Hierarchy

Controlling each Belhorn State was a Founding Dragon. Below them is their blessed priests who represent them for the lizardfolk people. The general population follows this hierarchy:
  • Warriors
  • Merchants
  • Peasants
  • Slaves

Belhorn Empire

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