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  • Salvana Wrafton

    Salvana Wrafton owns Wrafton's Inn in Winterhaven. She inherited the inn from her father. She is friendly and was trained by her father to greet new guests with a welcome and a warm smile.

  • Eilian the Old

    Eilian owns a farm off in the valleys outside Winterhaven next to the Imperial Highway. He tends to gossip and knows a lot of the local history and will be interested in anything you tell him he thinks could be plausible.

  • Lord Ernest Padraig

    Lord Padraig often stops at Wrafton's for beer. He has realized the problem the kobolds are to Winterhaven but he does not have the power to send the Winterhaven Regulars out to their lair. He has been looking for someone to take care of the problem.

  • Rond Kelfem

    Rond Kelfem is captain of the Winterhaven Regulars he is seen at their drill practice and oversees the Warrior's Guild. In times of crisis, he is Lord Padraig's right-hand man and takes charge of Winterhaven in case of the death of Lord Padraig.

  • Bairwin Wildarson

    Bairwin Wildarson owns the Grand Shoppe. He claims to have traveled the world. His shop's inventory includes adventuring gear, occasionally some level 1 magic items, and some potions of healing.

  • Delphina Moongem

    Delphina picks her wildflowers in the Caringorm Hills outside of Winterhaven. She will tell travelers all she knows of Winterhaven. She often sees goblins in the Cairngorm Hills.

  • Thair Coalstriker

    Thair Coalstriker makes a living off his smithy. He can make mundane goods, as well as weapons of war. His smithy is flaming hot every day of the week except on Wednesday.

  • Tramorn Hollysharp

    Tramorn Hollysharp owns the tenements in Winterhaven. Returning customers are given a discount, but unknown travelers are charged rather expensive amounts to make a good amount of money.

  • Sister Linora

    Sister Linora is a priest of Avandra and preaches in the temple three times a week. The rest of her time is spent caretaking the graveyard and traveling around the homes of the farmers outside the village.

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