Astelimos Ashcroft

A noble appointed to rule over Edgemoor.

Astelimos Ashcroft

Medium natural humanoid p. Level 3 Soldier p. XP 150 p. INIT +2 AC 19 FORT 15 REF 15 WILL 15 HP/BLOODIED 44/22 p. STR 15 DEX 13 WIS 13 CON 12 INT 11 CHA 15 p. Senses Perception +6

Sword (standard; at-will)

+10 vs. AC; 1d6 +4 damage

Speed: 6 p. Alignment: Lawful Good p. Languages: Common p. Skills: Athletics +5


Astelimos Ashcroft is from the Ashcroft family of Westdell. He is also the just ruler appointed to Edgemoor. He is well liked by the local farmers and artisans of Edgemoor. His wife, Hema, was killed by a kobold ambush. He has a daughter, Selena, and a son Felidor. Selena is the leader of the temple of Avandra in Edgemoor. Felidor is a men-at-arms in Westfell.

Since his wife’s death at the hands of the kobolds, Astelimos has grown a deep hatred of kobolds and will not hesitate to attack them even at risk of his life. He has a scar on his side where a kobold slashed his side.

Astelimos Ashcroft

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